We women have the potential to really change not only our own lives and world for the better, but the lives of others, many many others. Being challenged on the state off our current growth, shifting our own mindsets, connecting with ourselves on a deeper much more profound level and leading by example will not only change us as individuals but inspire others to join us.

Uzma is on a mission to help as many women as possible unleash, focus and express their inner need for wholeness and balance enabling them to contribute to the world in such a way that their existence on this planet leaves behind positive lasting legacies through not only their work, lives, but their relationships too.  Her goal is to help you connect on a deeper level with yourself,  your loved ones and those you serve, expand your reach and live and work in a way that not only matters on a bigger scale but feels like it’s meant to be.

People who have worked with her describe her as a ‘motivator’, ‘someone  who inspires’ and helps ‘get things moving’. She’s been known to “push boundaries” in her own personal life but she ensures that she “brings others into her fold in a very gentle, supportive way, that complements the whole person”.

Having over a decade of experience helping women help themselves whether through education, training community projects or leadership programmes, Uzma is keen to see women flourish according to their own needs and wishes. She’s a firm advocate of Lifestyle driven entrepreneurship and believes it’s one of the ways that women can create the lives they want to lead, considering the numerous roles that women navigate through at any given time.

Over the last few years, she has been grafting away on her own unique model of working which has been influenced by her need to deepen her relationship with herself and her loved ones, stay connected to the outdoors, give back to the world, and have the time and energy to explore and experiment with upgrading life. She’s not only a keen entrepreneur, but an avid photographer, a veg patch and greenhouse owner, a yoga enthusiast and a lover of good wholesome food. Her “extra curricular” activities, if you like, help shape and nourish her business and her method of work, instead of detracting from it.

Through her own Personal & Professional Development Coaching Company, Uzma now runs holistic mind-set training programs for women that want to make it matter on their own terms. All this with just one goal in mind: to help women like herself embrace their own spirit and express it’s wonders as creative, holistic ventures that support and celebrate, all that they are.

Uzma lives in the glorious United Kingdom with her amazing husband and her beautiful, beautiful daughter.


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British Muslim Awards finalist